We are out of time

The climate crisis & ongoing biodiversity collapse have gone unaddressed for too long — we are now on the brink of cata­strophe.

In the words of renowned naturalist David Attenborough, "we face the collapse of everything." Business-as-usual, as well as traditional venues for advocating for change, have failed us. Feedback loops amplify today's inaction.

This is not a fluke

Portents of environmental doom come as no surprise; they're in many ways mundane. Why is that? Why does each fresh horror inspire only a tired shrug, a sigh, a restating of the words "of course"? Because on some level we know they are linked by their common cause.

Ecological devastation is a product of capitalism, not an accident — greed & the profit motive demand a race to the bottom. Preventing that tendency toward destruction is as eventually futile as going to sea in a rotting boat — patch one hole & another springs open.

Help is not coming

Capital, the force driving us toward the brink, is deeply vested in the continuing destruction of our world. Far from pursuing a sustainable future, corporations are investing in greater emissions: power plants are still being built; fresh rainforest is burned every day — it is a constant onslaught. All of the action taken thus far to stop them has not even stopped emissions from increasing, let alone reduced them.

We must act — now

So, traditional avenues have failed, with no regulations thus far making a dent in emissions. There is little reason to think that the same approaches will start working now. Traditional advocacy has evidently failed to convince corporations or politicians to see the situation for what it is — an existential threat.

Of necessity, we proceed beyond previous steps. We must involve our friends, family, neighbors, everyone possible, and together convey an unwillingness to tolerate business-as-usual by preventing it from happening.